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The Arrowsmith Cycling Club originally started up in 2000 with approximately 65 members. We have regular meetings to discuss club programs and issues and welcome any volunteer assistance and interest. The Club's focus is on promoting the sport, providing social riding opportunities, trail building and maintenance, getting out there and riding! Arrowsmith Cycling Club is an affiliated club with Cycling BC (CBC).

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Island Cup - Vancouver Island Mountain Bike Race Series
Island Cup - Vancouver Island Mountain Bike Race Series shared Dave Pfaffenberger's post.16 hours ago
Did anyone see this pack yesterday?
Dave Pfaffenberger
Dave Pfaffenberger16 hours ago
Hey ,I am looking for some help if possible? Yesterday shortly before the start of the Victoria enduro race at Hartland I stashed my Osprey Viper 9 hydra pack close to the top of Skull trail. This has been a well used spot for racers to leave their packs during race days in the past. I discovered shortly after the race started that my pack was gone. I am hoping that maybe a good samaratan thought that it was lost and is looking for it's owner? It has some items in it and the bag is hardly used. If anybody has any information please let me know. Thanks.

Arrowsmith Cycling Club

Riding bikes and cycling around the Oceanside region of Vancouver Island. Errington (HammerFest), Parksville, Qualicum Beach and Nanoose Bay by bike!
Arrowsmith Cycling Club
Arrowsmith Cycling Club2 weeks ago
Riders: All of Island Timberlands landbase is now closed to non-authorized access. Closures are in effect as of July 11, 2017, until further notice. This is due to the high fire hazard caused by the hot and dry weather conditions. Any updates can be monitored on their blog at:
Paul Fiola
Paul Fiola3 weeks ago
Hi everyone, I'm new to parksville, into riding DJ and street on my SS Kona Bass.
Looking for people to show me the good trails and spots!!
Arrowsmith Cycling Club
Arrowsmith Cycling Club4 weeks ago
MS Bike, a cycling event and fundraiser you might be interested in. The beautiful Cowichan Valley. Sign on!


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